Nissan Qd32/td27 14650-7t401 Auto Parts Vacuum Pump

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Function/performance:Applied to brake power system, the maximum displacement of 90CC, the maximum suction capacity of 98.7kpa.

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Ningbo Zhejiang, China


12 months

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Automobile Vacuum pump




Aluminum alloy natural color



Packing specification:

20PCS/box, 0.03m³

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Product material:

aluminum alloy / other


Manufacturing process:

precision casting, metal processing, assembly, 100% performance and air tightness testing

Specializing in the production and sale of Japanese cars, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Volkswagen... and Korean cars, Kia, Hyundai... Products for power steering pumps, power steering, mounts/dampers/bushings, brake master cylinders, clutch master cylinders, clutch slave cylinders, bushings, cV joint kits etc.
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Product Description

1、For the vacuum source of the vacuum booster system, vehicles with gasoline engines can generate a high vacuum in the intake manifold because the engine is of the ignition type.
generate a high vacuum pressure
The vacuum source for the vacuum assisted braking system can be provided by the high vacuum pressure in the intake manifold;

2. For diesel powered vehicles, the engine is of the compression ignition CI type, which does not provide the same level of vacuum pressure at the intake manifold, so a vacuum pump is required to provide a source of vacuum;

3. In addition, for gasoline direct injection engines GDI, which are designed to meet high emission and environmental requirements, the same level of vacuum pressure cannot be provided at the intake manifold to meet the requirements of the vacuum brake booster system, so a vacuum pump is also required to provide a vacuum source.

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Ningbo Xinli is a company that develops and launches auto parts products. We are committed to strengthening the relationship with people, cars, the environment and the world.

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Adhering to the basis of "not producing defects and not passing them on to the next process", we are committed to quality in every process and in every product.

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