What Is The Function Of A Car Vacuum Pump

The function of the automotive vacuum pump is to generate negative pressure and thus increase braking power. For vehicles driven by diesel engines, a vacuum pump is installed to provide a source of vacuum, as the engine has a compression ignition CI, so that the same level of vacuum pressure cannot be provided at the intake manifold.

The principle of operation of the automotive vacuum pump, first of all for cars equipped with petrol engines, is that the engine is generally of the ignition type, so that a relatively high vacuum pressure can be generated at the intake branch. This can provide sufficient vacuum source for the vacuum power braking system, but for diesel engine driven vehicles, because its engine is using compression ignition, so in the intake branch is not able to provide the same level of vacuum pressure, which requires the use of a vacuum pump can provide vacuum source, in addition there are vehicles in order to meet certain automotive emissions and environmental requirements and designed out of the The engine is also required to provide a sufficient source of vacuum to ensure that the car can run properly.

The vacuum pump output is mainly the pressure generated by the power servo system, but when it does not work properly, it can still be driven by human power to the hydraulic system, to play a role in the booster. The vacuum braking system can also be called a vacuum servo system. The usual automotive braking system, generally relies on hydraulic pressure as the transmission medium, and then compared with the pneumatic braking system that can provide power, it is necessary to provide a resistance system to provide assistance to the driver's braking.

The vacuum pump mainly uses the vacuum generated by the engine when working to provide sufficient assistance to the driver when applying the brakes, so that the driver can apply the brakes more lightly and quickly, but once the vacuum pump is damaged, it lacks a certain amount of assistance, so when applying the brakes it will feel heavier, and the effect of the brakes will also be reduced, and sometimes it will even fail, which means that the This means that the vacuum pump is damaged.

Post time: Jun-18-2022