Mitsubishi L200 2020a002 Auto Parts Vacuum Pump

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Function/performance:Applied to brake power system, the maximum displacement of 130CC, the maximum suction capacity of 98.7kpa.

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Place of Origin:

Ningbo Zhejiang, China


12 months

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Automobile Vacuum pump




Aluminum alloy natural color



Packing specification:

10PCS/box, 0.03m³

Applicable engine model:


Product material:

aluminum alloy / other



Manufacturing process:

precision casting, metal processing, assembly, 100% performance and air tightness testing

The vacuum pump system helps the driver to brake, thus making driving safer and effectively avoiding traffic accidents. Vacuum pumps are generally used to assist, one side constantly pumping air (close to vacuum, it is impossible to absolute vacuum), the other side to maintain an atmospheric pressure, so as to form a negative pressure, will produce the force of sucking past, or to produce the force of pushing past, so as to achieve the purpose of assistance.

The Working Principle Of Automobile Vacuum Pump

1. For the vacuum source of the vacuum booster system, vehicles equipped with gasoline engines due to the engine using ignition, so in the intake manifold can produce a higher vacuum pressure, can provide sufficient vacuum source for the vacuum booster brake system, and for diesel engine driven vehicles, due to the engine using compression ignition CI, so that the same level of vacuum pressure can not be provided at the intake manifold, so it is necessary to Installation of a vacuum pump providing a source of vacuum.

2. In addition, for gasoline direct injection engines GDI, which are designed to meet higher emission and environmental requirements, the same level of vacuum pressure cannot be provided at the intake manifold to meet the requirements of the vacuum brake booster system, so a vacuum pump is also required to provide a vacuum source.

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